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Best Suitable Tenants

We have developed a systematic process to select the best suitable tenants to ensure a consistent and steady return on your investment that you worth it.

Rent and Bill Management

A Zero Tolerance Policy is applied to guarantee the tenants would not be consistently behind despite all of our efforts.

Routine Inspections

We conduct at least three routine inspections each year to ensure we know all the details of your properties and have a good maintenance on them.

Simple Compliance

We assist to ensure your properties meet all the regulations including healthy homes standards, insulation standards and smoke alarm standards.

Smooth Communication

Landlords are always well informed to make any decisions and the tenants are well connected to maintain a good property situation.

Saving Your Time and Money

Leaving us to do the rest! We only pester you when there’s something that really needs your attention, so you will be able to focus on your career and family.

Full Residential Property Management Service

Manage Rental Properties By Yourself?

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Property Management Authority

Join our full property management services by sending a fully filled and signed contract to rickchen@anemax.co.nz.

What will happen next?
• One of our experienced property managers will check the property condition first and arrange maintenance if needed;
• List your property for rent on Trademe when ready and screen out the most suitable good tenants for you to select;
• Arrange the right tenant(s) to move in and keep maintaining a good property condition.

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Advanced Service

Property Management Consultation

  • $159+gst/season

    Unfamiliar with our services? Start from our three-month plan. You'll be surprised by what suggestions we can give to you.

  • $499+gst/year

    Ready for being our loyal customers? Join our annual plan and you'll be escorted in the whole journey.