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What Type of Property Management Service is For You?

full property management service

There are two types of property management services that property management companies provide: full-service and casual-service. Which type of property management should be chosen by a residential rental property owner?

What is a property management service?

Before exploring the difference between full and casual property management service, we need to define what property management even is. When rental property owners don’t have the time or expertise to run their rental on their own, they have the option of hiring a property manager or a property management company that do. An authorized property manager or property management company will do what the landlord would typically do day to day and ultimately pave the way toward passive income. So, the landlord can continue to earn rental income when he/she is absent.

What is full property management service?

Full-service property management is the total opposite of self-management. A property manager or property management company does everything that an owner would otherwise have to do, such as screening tenants, collecting rent and bill, maintaining property, addressing tenancy disputes, and even evicting bad tenant. Not only that, but they also make themselves available to attend to the tenants’ needs. It’s the perfect option for owners who don’t want to spend their time running their rental, or who want to earn money without having to do the heavy lifting.

What is casual property management service?

When property owners want to be hands-on with their properties, they may hire a property manager or property management company to take the part they aren’t available to do, they aren’t particularly good at, or they don’t want to touch. For example, some property owners will seek help from rental specialists when looking for a suitable good tenant. Because it can take a lot of time to arrange viewing, travel to the property, screen tenants and arrange move-ins. However, actually, there is no guarantee of the quality of tenant. It should be considered carefully to hire a casual property management service.

What type of property management service is for you?

It depends on:

  • Do you aim to generate passive income from your rental?
  • How hands-on do you want to be?
  • How confident in your property management abilities?
  • How much time can you spend on learning relevant laws of a residential rental property?
  • Do you want to risk running a rental property by yourself?

Successful landlords go for full management service

Being a rental property owner is a full-time job, and its demands will not take a break. If you can’t respond to your tenants’ request 24/7,  you need to consider hiring a property manager who’ll be there 24/7. Also, if you’re going to be a multi-property owner, the more properties you owe, the more difficult for you to handle the management tasks as your portfolio grows. Investing in a reliable full management service means you can be sure that your property is being managed properly. This leads to greater consistent rental income, reduced vacancies, and increased property values.

Looking for full management service in Auckland?

Don’t risk your rental on self-management or casual property management. Instead, go for full property management service to guarantee consistent rental income, reduced turnover rates, and improved property values.

For full property management service that you can count on, look no further than Anemax Property Management. Having served the Auckland region for years, we’ve gained valuable experience that has allowed us to maximize our clients’ investments.

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